The quality control department in collaboration with the verification area assures the 100% quality of the circuit boards:

In-Circuit testing: one of the test systems we use is the four automated In-Circuit testing machines that use bed-of-nails testing procedures to detect possible faults in the components, boards, short-circuits, etc.

Bed-of-nails functional testing: three machines test the circuit boards by applying all types of analogical and digital signals and then measuring the results to assure the board is working correctly.

Manual functional tests: Another type of test is done by testers that are specifically designed and manufactured in Electrónica Falcón for each circuit board.

Boundary Scan-JTAG test: Boundary scan embeds test circuitry at chip level to form a complete board level test protocol. By providing access to the scan chain I/Os, the need for physical test points on the board is eliminated or greatly reduced. In addition to board testing, boundary-scan allows programming almost all types of CPLDs and flash memories, on the board, after PCB assembly.

Burn-in test: allows testing in extreme conditions of temperature and humidity.

Isolation test: as a complement to functional testing, there is a module for dielectric check.

Apart, there are test systems mentioned in SMT area (AOI, flying probe and axial micro-camera).