With a production capability of 210,000 components per hour, SMT department has three production lines composed of:

The continuous updating of its technologies allows Electrónica Falcón to assembly all formats of components from the smallest 01005 up to the biggest 130*79mm or BGAs. For the latter components, the company also has an analysis system by axial micro-camera and BGA change device.

Due to the company profile as a designer, the manufactory of prototypes is a common task, so apart from the machines located on the assembly lines, SMT department disposes two machines for short batches and prototypes.

With an area of 3,500 m2 and 55 operators, the through-hole assembly department is one of the largest within the company. This department is comprises of 2 cells:

This area comprises fully equipped lines which are complemented with both double and single wave soldering machines. These machines use nitrogen injection and configurable parameters for each board.

The through-hole termination department is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to carry out mounting because of its complexity or volume some products cannot be mounted on an automated assembly line.

This department is responsible for the proof-seal coating of the board. These boards are sealed with varnishes, silicones or waxes by different procedures: