Conscious of the need to adapt to the needs of the market, Electrónica Falcón has been constantly evolving since its foundation. This has transformed the company into what it is today. The transition has been brought about by extending its installations, the acquisition of new technologies and the optimization of processes and manufacturing techniques. Electrónica Falcón has consistently recruited qualified personnel who actively participate in a constant improvement in order to achieve a higher quality of work.

At present, Electronica Falcon employs a staff of 160 people who work on the new 8500m2 shopfloor. It has the necessary equipment to provide a diverse range of services to our customer:

We are a great company with more than 35 years of experience in the electronic sector. A standout Spanish example in industry due to the high level capacity and quality of our services, we also boast superior flexibility. A responsible team committed to our work that drives us to improve day on day.

Our objective is to support clients with any requirement such as converting ideas into the design of electrical equipment, equipment optimisation, validation and mass production. We also focus on product maintenance which creates value and sustainability in our organisation.

Accumulated after many years in business, our company values are a fundamental part of our activity. These values that are never out of date are also shared and passed on to the whole organisation. Our values are taken into account during recruitment processes and staff evaluations. These values are :